Erna Anema

My name is Erna Anema. I am an artist specializing in large, abstract paintings. My travels, experience and passion for working with different materials has also manifested itself in jewelry, objects, designs and drawings.

Travelling has taken me to the ends of the earth: deserts, mountaintops and deep seas. These landscapes shaped my work.

Using paint as my medium, I transfer these experiences into my art. The resulting lines and forms reveal new boundaries, rhythms and structures. This is the greatest challenge in my work.

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the ever changing skies above the muddy flatlands of my native country. The wind vibrates with scents, sounds and endless motion. Every scene has its own distinct rhythm belonging to a specific place: high mountains, glaciers, deep seas, vast prairies or boundless deserts. While travelling through these landscapes, I experienced the rhythms of those places and I became addicted to them.

With my paint and brushes, I translate these experiences in the quiet seclusion of my studio. Every brush stroke becomes an extension of my breathing and the rhythm of my breathing determines the outcome.